Forbs: The Cash-Back Car: Monetizing Electric Vehicles

BY: Erica Gies While the market for electric vehicles is heating up, with waiting lists for both the Nissan Leaf and theChevy Volt and startup companies like Tesla, Arcimoto, and Coda Automotive upping their games, some industry watchers still wonder whether electric vehicles will ever become a significant part of the auto market. But what if you could earn $1,000 a year with your electric vehicle, netting $440 after your fill-up […]

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Venture Beat: The “Cash-back car”: Danish EV owners to sell power back to the grid

BY: CIARA BYRNE US company Nuvve will use Denmark as the first test market for a new technology allowing electric vehicle (EV) owners to sell energy stored in their EV batteries back to the grid. The first pilot will consist of 30 cars. According to Nuvve, individual EV owners could make $10,000 over the lifetime of a vehicle (estimated at 8 years) depending on market price and owner commitment. The EV owner makes the battery […]

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