Job Description: Project Manager

Job Description:

As a project manager you will responsible for running one or several projects pertaining to Nuvve’s deployment of Vehicle to Grid projects and reporting to the head of operations.

These projects may be based in the USA or internationally with Nuvve Europe.

Key Tasks:

  •  Gathering of requirements for the project delivery, both internal and external.
  •  Coordinate internal and external resources and ensure their availability and allocation for each project.
  •  Leverages learning and requirements defined by Nuvve’s internal policy and market experts to define theproject goals and understand services that need to be delivered to customers.
  • Perform risk management to minimize project risk
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, schedules and reports
  • The project manager will ensure delivery of services to customers. Customers are both defined as Gridtype customers (TSO, DSO, energy companies) as well as EV owners, either private or through Fleet operators or car clubs.
  • Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques
  • Coordinates with universities locally, if involved in research on Nuvve’s projects.
  • Responsible for holding and driving the schedule with all parties
  • Holds regular updates with all parties on status of project through meetings, conference calls and writtensummaries
  • Ensures project stays on budget
  • The project manager will interface with all relevant parties both internal and external to Nuvve, such as:TSO, DSO, Fleet owners, Automotive OEMs, Charger manufacturers, industry groups and internal Nuvve teams.


  • Bachelor of Science or business, MBA preferred
  • Autonomous worker, comfortable with uncertainty, organized, able to express clearly ideas both verballyand written, persuasive
  • Able to interact at all levels in organizationsIn the case of projects necessitating presence in Europe for longer periods of time, arrangements for temporary housing and work visa application will be discussed with the Company.