• Nuvve will deploy its vehicle-to-grid charging platforms (Nuvve GIVe) on 50 new UC San Diego EV chargers. The technology allows a parked EV to become part of an electric grid.
  • As part of the demonstration project, Nuvve will also use UC San Diego’s solar forecasting technology to inform its EV charging schedule. This technology includes weather models, machine learning tools and sky imagers – fish-eye lenses that capture a 360-degree view of the horizon and generate a 3-D model of the clouds they observe. The devices are connected to a sophisticated forecasting system that uses what it observes to predict solar power output in 15-minute increments.

Highlight the real-world benefits of advanced vehicle grid integration (VGI) applications for electric vehicles (EVs) by demonstrating that EV owners can share their batteries when not needed (i.e. when parked and sufficiently charged). This can result in valuable benefits for the EV owners.

Successful integration of vehicle-to-grid technology would benefit public organizations, businesses, and homes by reducing the cost of electric infrastructure and reducing CO2 emissions.


The California Energy Commission grant is part of California’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) that provides grant funding for applied research and development, technology demonstration and deployment and market facilitation for clean energy technologies and approaches. The program is funded by ratepayers in the state’s three major investor-owned utilities.

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