What is V2G?

What is V2G?

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) allows a parked electric vehicle to charge its battery as well as discharge it battery back to the grid in response to real-time requests from a remote entity such as a grid system operator. This means that the system operator can treat the vehicle as a “smart” load, simply delaying its charge, charging more slowly/quickly, or as a generator that can contribute small amounts of power to the system if the driver allows it. These capabilities, when combined with other EVs, can constitute sufficient capacity to bid into ancillary service markets, producing a revenue stream for the vehicle owner.

In a system that includes V2G-enabled electric vehicles, the power still begins at the generator and travels to the vehicle. In this system, however, in addition to being a smart load a vehicle can report its available capacity for aggregation with that of other vehicles in prior to sending electricity back to the grid for short periods of time. In aggregate, such vehicles can constitute a storage resource of comparable capacity to traditional generators.

V2G Components

Maturity of technology!

Prof. Willett Kempton, Nuvve’s CTO has been working on this problem since 1996, looking for the most economic and ecologic solution based on Electric Vehicles

  • Spin-off of University of Delaware
  • More than $2.5M invested in the solution
  • Up to 9 Electric Vehicles aggregated over 24 months
  • Achieved between $200 – $500 annual revenue per KW per vehicle in trial
  • The next step is to commercialize and scale the technology around the world.