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The year 2019 was an important one in the history of Nuvve. We expanded our footprint of demos and projects around the world and set the groundwork for this upcoming year to work towards our ultimate goal of creating a greener planet.

We know the critical role vehicle-to-grid will play as more electric vehicles enter the market and place added demand on the grid. We’re proud of the way our solution bridges the gap between those sectors to help transportation be even more green, create storage solutions for renewables, and allow utilities be more efficient in the way they serve their customers.

Here are some of the highlights from 2019.

DREEV, a joint venture between EDF and Nuvve launched at EVS32


Second life auto batteries used 24/7 on frequency regulation for PJM


E-Flex on target to reach 100 V2G customers in the UK


Nuvve Denmark reached a milestone of 3 years of continuous frequency regulation delivery


V2G demo launched in Manila with MERALCO


Deployed V2G to charge electric school buses in California and New York


Hosted INVENT Project (CEC) Seminar and ESNA site tour


Installed first-ever V2G project in Namibia with UNDP and UNICEF


Launched V2G projects in Spain and Portugal


Nuvve PowerPort AC charger received ENERGY STAR certification

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