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BY: Eric Loveday

Following the quake in Japan, Nissan announced that its goal is not “becoming a [zero-emissions] car provider, but a creator of ZE society by taking a comprehensive ZE approach.” To that end, Nissanunveiled its Leaf-to-home electricity system. And it’s not stopping there.

Teaming up with Mitsubishi, Nissan aims to standardize a device that enables electric vehicles to supply power to households. This could be an auspicious partnership, as the unification of standards by two of Japan’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers will likely lead to a nationwide standard, reports Yomiuri Online.

Currently, Nissan’s Leaf-to-home setup is incompatible with the system that Mitsubishi’s electric i-MiEV uses. The same holds true for Mitsubishi’s recently unveiled vehicle-to-home system. However, with both automakers teaming up to develop a unified standard, one of the two systems will likely be modified in the near future. Both Nissan’s and Mitsubishi’s vehicle-to-home systems are slated to launch in Japan by the end of 2011.

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