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E-Flex exists to demonstrate the benefits of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology across London in real-world settings. The program is signing up commercial businesses to take part in V2G trials to show how V2G can reduce the demand electric vehicles (EVs) put on the grid and prove economic benefits to fleet owners and managers. Nuvve is providing the V2G aggregation services which includes second-by-second intelligent charging of fleet vehicles.

E-Flex and Fruit 4 London announced that the fresh fruit distributor will trial V2G to power the EV fleet that delivers fresh fruit to offices and homes around London. Since Fruit 4 London’s fleet spends a lot of its time idle, it’s the perfect candidate for demonstrating how V2G can safely and effectively discharge energy from EVs to the grid and also guarantee the needed charge levels for driving duties. And Fruit 4 London is dedicated to reducing their own carbon footprint while expanding their territory.

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About E-Flex

E-Flex is a London-based vehicle-to-grid (V2G) demonstration project, using active electric vehicles in real-world fleets to prove the value of V2G technology. E-Flex will drive vehicle-to-grid technology from theory to commercial reality and demonstrate the role V2G can play in supporting the transition of energy demands from cities and energy services towards a zero-carbon future.

The consortium comprises world-leading expertise from seven partners from across the technology, academic, energy and public sectors, including Cisco, Cenex, Nuvve, the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, Imperial College London and E-Car Club.

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