Nuvve is the global market leader in providing grid services with electric vehicles to reduce total cost of ownership and support the clean energy transition.

Our European customers achieve cheaper electric vehicle charging while supporting the energy transition. We work with electric fleets, existing EV infrastructure operators and energy suppliers, and electric vehicles manufacturers.

Nuvve’s grid services can be applied bi-directionally with vehicle to grid (V2G) or unidirectionally to rapid chargers on highways, stationary batteries, and large scale existing electric charging station deployments all without impacting the end customers experience.

Fleet Solutions

V2G is changing the way fleet managers operate. When your EV is parked and not in use, the battery can be used as an energy storage device to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership.

Nuvve offers V2G and AC V1G charging for fleet managers at a low fixed monthly mobility fee with all energy for driving included.

Existing EV Infrastructure

Nuvve works with operators of existing electric vehicle infrastructure and distributed energy resources to help optimize the back end of your energy usage by adding grid services while you maintain your brand and customer contact.

These services can be applied bi-directionally or unidirectionally to rapid chargers on highways, stationary batteries, large scale existing electric charging station deployments all without impacting the end customers’ experience.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Nuvve works with electric vehicle manufacturers to unlock the V2G potential for their vehicles internationally and helps provide unique and compelling end customer V2G offers based on services available regionally.

Nuvve can support the process across technical integration, testing and service qualification, and V2G by region.

Denmark Fleet Offer

V2G is changing the way fleet managers operate. When your EV is parked and not in use, the battery can be used as an energy storage device to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership.

Nuvve is supporting fleet managers in Denmark with V2G plus AC charging at a low fixed monthly mobility fee including all energy for driving.

Contact us for more information about Nuvve’s V2G and AC fleet charging offer.

denmark fleet offer

Innovation Projects

Check out some of Nuvve’s exciting innovation projects across Europe that are bringing more grid services and V2G technology to market.

E-FLEX – United Kingdom

Project Overview E-Flex exists to demonstrate the commercial potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) in energy markets, and establish it as an essential component of the zero-carbon economy. It seeks to change the way we think about the relationship between vehicles and energy. The project will use real-world testing and deployments to deliver concrete proof of the [...]


Project Overview Seeking to accelerate the UK’s transition to a zero-carbon energy system Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire) will demonstrate a neutral "Market Integrator" that provides real-time information to allow a local energy market place to function effectively whilst maintaining network integrity (DSO services). The project will have a variety of plug-in projects (solar, heat [...]

Galp – Portugal

Project Overview Read the article here. RETURN TO PROJECTS

V2Market – Spain

The V2Market consortium involves key market stakeholders as well as specific organizations providing cross-cutting knowledge for the project.

BD4 – Denmark

The objectives of BD4OPEM are to design, develop and deploy a marketplace for large-scale multi-party data exchanges, management, governance and real-time processing of energy-related data in smart distribution grids.

BOSS – Denmark

The BOSS (Bornholm Smartgrid Secured) will develop and demonstrate a 1MW/1MWh BESS – the largest battery in Denmark to date using V2G technology.

Europe Locations

London, UK | Copenhagen, DK | Oslo, NO

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Nuvve and Dreev, our Joint Venture with EDF, cover operations all over Europe.

dreev edf group and nuvve

Press Releases

Ramona Unified School District V2G Project

Nuvve GIVe™ and DC fast chargers enable electricity exports to lower costs

Nuvve and Circle K Deploy Large-Scale Grid Services Using EV Fast Chargers in Norway and Denmark

Nuvve and Circle K Deploy Large-Scale Grid Services Using EV Fast Chargers in Norway and Denmark Nuvve’s GIVe™ platform is expected to manage an initial 40 megawatts of electric vehicle (EV) fast charging and stationary storage capacity at 50 Circle K service stations with roll out beginning early 2023 Nuvve's cloud-based software will allow fast [...]

Nuvve and 2021.AI Announce Plans to Increase Artificial Intelligence Capabilities of Nuvve’s V2G Platform

Nuvve and 2021.AI to form join venture, Astrea AI, to integrate artificial intelligence platform into Nuvve’s GIVe V2G platform.

Nuvve and AFA JCDecaux Celebrate Five Years of Commercial Business

Nuvve and AFA JCDecaux reach the milestone of five years of continuous, commercial V2G operations in Denmark.

Frederiksberg LokalTV

Paul Chapman fra Nuvve der har været med til at lave deres elbil-løsning. Hør bl.a. om V2G, der er en smartere måde at oplade sin elbil på.

Nuvve and Frederiksberg Forsyning Celebrate 5 Years of Continuous V2G Operations

Nuvve and Frederiksberg Forsyning have reached a milestone as they observe their 5-year anniversary of when Nuvve started commercial V2G operations for their fleet in 2016.

Nuvve Joins V2Market Partnership to Expand Vehicle-to-Grid Markets in Europe

Nuvve announced today that its subsidiary, Nuvve Denmark ApS, will be a partner in a new Horizon 2020 (“H2020”) project called V2Market, which is aiming to develop business models for mainstreaming V2G and vehicle-to-building (“V2B”) services.

Dansk startup indgår banebrydende aftale med global aktør om det nordeuropæiske energimarked

Amerikanske Nuvve og danske Spirii indgår samarbejde om intelligent elbil-ladning, som er optimeret til at udnytte vedvarende energi.

Nuvve Corporation Announces Four Years of Consecutive V2G Operations of Electric Vehicle Fleet in Denmark

Nuvve has been providing frequency regulation services to a Danish grid operator through its commercial operations with a fleet from Frederiksberg Forsyning.

Nuvve Demonstrates Multiple Grid Services in London

ecently Nuvve demonstrated several valuable services within the same 24 hours at a customer site that is part of the E-Flex project in London, UK.

Peace of Mind with Nuvve’s V2G service

Read our interview with fleet driver and technician,Thomas Wester-Andersen, from Nuvve’s customer Frederiksberg Forsyning about his experience with V2G.

V2G’s Invisible Contribution to Green Driving: A Fleet Driver’s Impression

Nuvve’s V2G technology is designed in a way where users should find it easy to use and/or don’t realize they’re using it at all because it doesn’t disrupt their daily work. We interviewed Steen Frandsen from Bornholm’s homecare team to confirm this and get his impressions of using EVs powered by Nuvve’s V2G technology.

A Fleet Manager’s Perspective of V2G

Rune Jørgensen is the fleet manager at Frederiksberg Forsyning and is responsible for the entire fleet of 50 vehicles. H has advice for other fleet managers interested in creating a greener footprint through V2G.

Helping Fleet Drivers Feel Like Better Citizens

We recently sat down with Claus Nielsen, a pedagogical consultant at the Regional Municipality of Bornholm whose daily work depends on the city’s EVs being charged to the right level to get his impressions about V2G.

A Flagship for Green Energy Transformation

Frederiksberg Forsyning (or Frederiksberg Supplies, in English) has gained a lot of international attention due to its 10 electric vehicles (EVs) using Nuvve’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) platform as a part of a busy workday.

How V2G is Helping an Island Become Beautifully Green

Bornholm is one of the first places in the world where vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is being used as a part of the daily work for homecare and social care workers managed by the Regional Municipality. We sat down and spoke with Ebbe Jensen, the fleet manager at the Regional Municipality of Bornholm, about his experience with Nuvve.

How Nuvve is Helping AFA JCDecaux Leave a Green Footprint

AFA JCDecaux, has managed to become a pioneer of innovative, green solutions, championed by Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) Manager, Tonny Patger. We recently sat down with Tonny to talk to him about his role at ACA JCDecaux, the company’s commitment to the environment, and his experience with Nuvve.