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Nuvve and Frederiksberg Forsyning Celebrate 5 Years of Continuous V2G Operations 

Nuvve and Frederiksberg Forsyning have reached a milestone as they observe their 5-year anniversary of when Nuvve started commercial V2G operations for their fleet in 2016. 

Frederiksberg Forsyning  is a municipal water and gas utility company in Denmark. The utility company had a vision in the summer of 2016 to be one of the first movers and leaders in the green transformation by reducing their C02 footprint. With the support of Nuvve’s V2G GIVe platform, Frederiksberg Forsyning has made that vision a reality. Today, their day-to-day fleet operations are still telling a powerful story: that V2G technology is not just a concept, but a commercially available and highly viable EV charging and grid services solution. This has also caught the attention of a worldwide global audience, with visitors from as far as Japan visiting this now world-famous parking lot. Some even call it “the birthplace of commercial V2G.”

Nuvve’s journey with Frederiksberg Forsyning began as part of the Parker Project, an investigation led by Danish Technical University (DTU) to research V2G benefits in an operative car fleet. Specifically, the project aggregated multiple electric vehicle (EV) batteries to provide a primary frequency-controlled reserve service (FCR-N) to Energinet, the transmission system operator that participated as a part of the research. Nuvve took feedback from Energinet to match market and interconnection requirements and precisely deliver a fixed capacity of excess energy from the fleet’s batteries to the FCR-N market. 

Today, Nuvve’s V2G platform continues to serve as an intelligent aggregator to provide grid services and earn valuable revenue under a commercial agreement with Frederiksberg Forsyning. When the fleet’s EVs are parked and not in use, Nuvve turns them into energy storage resources, grid services providers, and building load management assets to provide power to turn on the lights at Frederiksberg Forsyning buildings.

Still, the drivers are Nuvve’s number one priority. All operations are monitored 24/7 ensuring that the EVs are charged precisely to the drivers’ requirements ensuring the smoothest start to their day so they can complete their daily tasks.

“The benefits we’ve observed since deploying V2G technology over the last 5 years have been impressive,” said Kristian Beyer, head of Strategy at Frederiksberg Forsyning. “Not only have our EVs stayed consistently powered, but when the vehicles are parked in our lot, they participate in the grid market for an average of 17 hours per day creating an increase in revenue that can be put toward maintaining our fleet operations. We’re operating greener in practically every sense.”

The increased revenue described by Beyer allows Nuvve to provide its customers with a lower total cost of electric vehicle ownership through benefits such as reduced charger costs, low or free energy costs to drive, fleet management tools, and yearly maintenance. 

Nuvve is expanding its V2G footprint across Denmark and other countries in Europe to help fleets take advantage of all the benefits V2G has to offer.


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