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The Nuvve PowerPort AC charging station is now available with features never seen before in the U.S. It meets the emerging SAE J3068 charging standard, enabling up to 99kW of power with 3-phase AC charging. It can also provide up to 19kW of power with single phase. This charger is the first NRTL certified charger for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) – the most valuable aspect of vehicle grid integration (VGI) – when connected with an AC bidirectional vehicle.

The PowerPort is pre-configured with Nuvve’s VGI platform – GIVe™ (Grid Integrated Vehicle) enabling bidirectional charging with compatible vehicles in addition to its unidirectional capabilities. The charge rate and time can be controlled to provide significant savings to the user. Additionally, in bidirectional mode, Nuvve’s VGI system allows stored energy from the EV to be sold back to the energy markets, creating a revenue stream that can be shared between Nuvve and the EV owner.

The PowerPort is rated to support high power charge and discharge applications. The SAE J1772 Type 1 solution is capable of up to 80A at 240VAC (~19kW) The SAE J3068 Type 2 solution is capable of up to 120A at 480VAC (~99kW ), making the PowerPort an ideal EV charging solution for everyone, from consumers at home, and workplace fleets to heavy-duty vehicles like buses and trucks.

A mobile management app allows EV owners or fleet managers to easily set and monitor EV charge levels for their EVs from their computer or mobile phone.

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