High-Power AC PowerPort3 Ultra

High-Power AC PowerPort3 Ultra Charging Station

nuvve power port wall charger

Spec Sheet

Key features and technical specs of Nuvve’s High-Power AC charging station – the PowerPort3 Ultra.

PowerPort Pedestal Spec Sheet

Learn more about our PowerPort Pedestal product. Technical specifications are included in this document.

Quick Start User Guide

Here’s our Quick Start User Guide for the PowerPort AC Level 2 charger.

PowerPort Installation & Setup Manual

Here is our Installation Manual for our EVSE-B Charging Station with Grid Integrated Vehicle (GIVe) Capability.

PowerPort Pedestal Assembly Manual

The assembly manual for the pedestal for the PowerPort Level 2 AC charging station.

Wi-Fi Set-Up Instructions

This document provides step-by-step instructions for pairing the Nuvve PowerPort to a Wi-Fi access point through the use of a Ubiquity NanoStation Loco M2.

PowerPort 4GLTE-Wi-Fi Set-Up

PowerPort Communications Configuration for 4GLTE-Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Standard Equipment.


Use our FAQs for information on some common questions that may come up about the PowerPort AC Level 2 charging station.