Electrify Your School Bus Fleet the Easy Way

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We know that switching from diesel to electric is expensive and feels complicated. That’s why we offer turnkey packages and full or flexible financing options to meet your school bus fleet requirements.

We’ll help guide you through the process to create a solution perfectly tailored for your needs.


Start Creating Cleaner Rides For Your Students

A Simple, Reliable, and Affordable Way to Electrify Your Fleet

Using Nuvve’s intelligent charging solution, you’ll get:

  • Operational savings by charging when rates are their lowest
  • Guaranteed charge levels for daily driving duties
  • Fast charge option for last-minute charging needs
  • Less downtime for your fleets with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance included
  • Expert guidance throughout your electrification process

Customized Solutions for Your School District’s Needs

Our turnkey solutions include the following options:

  • Full financing with no upfront costs or flexible financing options
  • V2G-capable electric school buses
  • Charging stations (hardware) including installation and maintenance
  • Nuvve’s proprietary V2G software platform for intelligent, managed charging
  • Fleet management tools
  • LCFS (low carbon fuel standard) credit program


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Features & Benefits

Fully Financed 360-Degree Solutions

Electrify your fleet with no upfront costs. From the actual vehicles and charging infrastructure to installation and financing plans, Nuvve can create a package tailormade for your needs.

Powerful, Reliable, V2G Charging

Nuvve’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) software platform intelligently manages your fleet’s charging to help you save money and sell energy back to the grid to earn revenue.

Easy Fleet Management

Nuvve’s uber-intelligent software platforms allows you to manage your fleet remotely. You can set and get instant access to view vehicle charging status, schedule charge levels for each vehicle in your fleet, and trigger instant charging if needed.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that your school bus fleet will provide reliable transportation that’s good for your kids and the environment with guaranteed levels of charge and 24/7 maintenance.


What are the installation requirements for V2G charging stations?

Nuvve has installation partners that provide a full turnkey solution or customers may opt to handle some aspects in-house.

What is the difference in power between AC and DC charging?

AC charging relies on an on-board charger inside an electric vehicle to charge the battery. For electric vehicles such as school buses, the on-board charger is usually 19.2kW. In order to provide 19.2kW of power, it requires 80amps of capacity with 240V (80amps x 240volts = 19,200 watts). It’s still possible to charge a bus with lower voltage or a lower-rated charging station, but it will take longer to charge the bus.

DC charging can be a fast way to charge large electric vehicles including electric school buses. The charging stations can be designed for different-sized vehicles depending on their power ratings. Nuvve offers a 60kW DC option because it is a good balance of size, cost, and charge time for heavy-duty vehicles.

Can Nuvve’s DC charging station charge multiple vehicles at the same time.

Currently, Nuvve requires one 60kW charging station per heavy-duty vehicle in order to maximize the V2G value. And while Nuvve is working on this feature for future charging stations, shared DC charging is an expensive solution. A 60kW DC charging station shared among three vehicles will output 20kW per vehicle while a Level 2 AC charger can provide 19.2kW of power at a much lower cost.

What is the difference between smart charging, V1G, V2B, and V2G?

Smart charging, sometimes called V1G, refers to the ability to dynamically modify the charge rate or the charge time. This can help minimize the cost of charging a vehicle if a rate schedule is based on time of use (TOU), such as middle of the night versus peak demand hours.

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) refers to bidirectional energy flow between an electric vehicle’s battery and the charging station. Energy can be transferred to a building (vehicle-to-building or V2B) the charging station is connected to in order to manage energy costs, or can be sent to the grid (V2G) to earn revenue on energy markets. Similarly, if the building possesses excess energy from solar panels, this energy may be stored in the electric vehicle and re-used at a later time.

See the matrix below for reference.

Which electric buses are capable of V2G?

Currently the Blue Bird Vision (Type C) and Blue Bird All American (Type D) are V2G compatible. Additional products are planned for the future. Check with your bus manufacturer for the available models and upcoming launch dates.

Can any electric bus perform V2G services?

No, the electric bus needs to be V2G-capable, use a CCS1 connector plug, and have technology integrations that allow bidirectional energy flow.

Can I do V2G with an AC charger?

While AC charging can be V2G capable, in the U.S., electric buses cannot use AC charging for full V2G bidirectional charging due to the nature of the onboard inverter.

How is Nuvve doing V2G with a CCS1 plug?

Nuvve developed and deployed a custom integration with select bus manufacturers that enables the bidirectional flow of energy between an electric bus and DC charging station using this type of connector.

What is the difference between DC fast charger (DCFC) with V2G versus a DCFC that is non V2G?

A DCFC with V2G will help you save money in a more efficient, effective way through the precise control of energy flow in and out of a heavy-duty vehicle’s battery and to the electric grid; besides charging when rates are low, in certain areas, V2G allows vehicles such as electric buses to earn revenue by selling extra energy from their batteries back to the grid.

Do Nuvve’s DC fast chargers only work with V2G-compatible buses?

No, we can charge any vehicle that accepts DC fast charging, even if the vehicle is not V2G-capable.

How do I decide what electric bus-charging solution to buy based on my routes?

Evaluate your bus routes to determine if you will have sufficient time to charge with a Level 2 versus DCFC charger. If you plan on growing your fleet, consider future-proofing your charging infrastructure (bus battery capacities keep improving so your charging station power needs to keep up). Choose a charging station that goes beyond “dumb charging” and allows flexibility on scheduling charge times to save on utility costs and more.

What does Nuvve’s contract with Sourcewell mean?

Government, education, municipalities and nonprofit agencies looking to electrify their fleets now have an easy and immediate access to Nuvve’s charging solutions through the Sourcewell contract. Learn more about how Sourcewell helps to make the buying process seamless and more affordable.

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Levo Partners with Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C to Facilitate Largest 100% Zero Emission School Bus Fleet Conversion Program in the Midwest

Levo announced a 10-year contract award by the Troy 30-C in Illinois to fully electrify its fleet including ESBs and charging infrastructure.

Vermont School District First to Receive Electric School Buses in the State

Fairfax School District in Vermont was the first to receive an electric and is using intelligent charging stations from Nuvve.

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Learn how Nuvve helps our partners research and apply for public grant funding to help reduce the cost of electrification.

Nuvve and Colorado/West Equipment Deploy First V2G Electric School Bus Solution in Colorado

Nuvve and Colorado/West Equipment, a Blue Bird dealership, announced the deployment of the first V2G-capable electric school bus solution in Colorado.

Nuvve Announces First-of-its-Kind V2G Hub at Blue Bird Factory to Optimize Utilization of Electric Buses and Provide Capacity to the Grid

Nuvve announces plans to create a first-of-its-kind V2G hub at a Blue Bird factory in Georgia, installing up to 200 V2G DC charging stations.

What a Sourcewell Contract Means for Nuvve Customers

Learn how to take advantage of Nuvve’s awarded Sourcewell contract to save on Level 2 AC and DC fast chargers that include Nuvve’s intelligent energy platform.

Rhombus Energy Solutions 60kW DC Fast Charger and D2 Dispenser with Nuvve V2G Platform Added to Southern California Edison Approved Product List

The Nuvve V2G 60kW DC Heavy-Duty Charging Station from Rhombus Energy Solutions is now on the Southern California Edison (SCE) Charge Ready Transport Program Approved Product List.

Nuvve Deploys 16 Electric School Bus Charging Stations at Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Nuvve announced today that it has deployed 16 Nuvve PowerPort charging stations for Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) in the San Francisco Bay Area. The charging infrastructure will help MDUSD operate new electric buses recently acquired through a Carl Moyer Program grant aimed at reducing emissions from heavy-duty vehicles.

Nuvve and Blue Bird Announce Plans to Expand Partnership and Utilize Levo’s Fleet-as-a-Service Leasing Model to Make Electric School Buses More Affordable

Nuvve and Blue Bird announce plans to extend their partnership and use Levo’s Fleet-as-a-Service to make electric buses more affordable.

How to Choose the Right Electric Bus Charging Solution for Your School

When it comes to electrifying your school bus fleet, there is a lot of new information to navigate. We recently explained the different types of charging or energy services which clarifies the advantages of technology like vehicle-to-grid (V2G), but there are also important differences when it comes to AC and DC charging stations or EVSEs (electric vehicle supply equipment). Here’s a break down of some of those differences and why they’re important for school bus operators.

The Real Deal About The Different Types of Electric Vehicle Charging

When it comes to charging solutions for your school bus fleet, it’s important to note that not all are created equal. With so much confusing information out there, we wanted to help ease the learning curve by explaining one piece of the electrification puzzle: different types of charging.

Nuvve Expands Vehicle-to-Grid Footprint to Help Electrify School Buses

Nuvve has been selected by school districts and utilities in San Diego and Durango, CO to accelerate the electrification of school buses.

Nuvve and Stonepeak to Pursue a $750 million Joint Venture, “Levo,” to Deploy Turnkey Electric Vehicle Charging and Transportation-as-a-Service for School Buses and other Commercial Fleets

Nuvve and certain investment vehicles managed by Stonepeak Partners LP today announced an agreement to pursue the formation of a new sustainable infrastructure joint venture called Levo Mobility LLC.

Nuvve Announces V2G Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs and Transportation as a Service Offering

Nuvve announced that it has aligned industry stakeholders behind a vision for V2G electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs (“V2G hubs”) that delivers transportation as a service (TaaS) for commercial EV fleets and enhances grid resiliency.

Blue Bird Delivers North America’s First-Ever Commercial Application of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology in Electric School Bus Partnership with Nuvve and Illinois School Districts

Blue Bird delivered the first operational DC fast charge V2G (vehicle-to-grid)-capable school bus utilizing technology from Nuvve at an event in Pekin, Illinois today.

Nuvve and IoTecha Announce Joint Deployment of a Global Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging System for Vehicle-to-Grid Applications

Nuvve and IoTecha Corp. are joining forces to deploy and commercialize a bidirectional charging solution for electric vehicles with the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) plugs supporting the ISO/IEC15118 protocol.

Nuvve Activates Bidirectional Flow of Energy from Electric School Buses to Con Edison’s Grid in New York

Nuvve has begun using the batteries on Lion electric school buses to provide power to New York’s Con Edison’s electricity grid.

Nuvve Corporation and Lion Electric Announce Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Collaboration

Nuvve Lion Electric) announce their collaboration on launching vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology as a standard feature of their zero-emission school buses.

Nuvve Corporation and A-Z Bus Sales Announce Commercial Offer For Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) School Buses

A-Z Bus Sales now offers the Blue Bird Vision and the Blue Bird All American electric school buses enabled with V2G technology from Nuvve.

Nuvve and Blue Bird Announce Availability of Nationwide Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) School Bus Offer

Blue Bird’s Vision Type C and All American Type D electric school buses are now enabled with Nuvve’s V2G technology in a bundled offer.

How Nuvve’s Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technology and Electric School Buses Can Help Curb Power Blackouts

Electric school buses combined with V2G offer a prime storage solution for renewable energy sources and can enable grid services to curb rolling blackouts.

How Nuvve’s V2G Can Revolutionize the Electric School Bus Ecosystem

School buses today present an opportunity that could help the future health of our kids and future of our planet, and V2G technology is behind it.

How Delaware Is Leading Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Integration Policy

Learn how Delaware is leading the country to maximize the benefits of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology through public utilities policies.