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The Regional Municipality of Bornholm, an island off the coast of Denmark, is using Nuvve’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) platform to further their green footprint. (Read full story here.) One of the island’s services that uses a regional fleet of vehicles, including 19 electric vehicles (EVs), is Bornholm’s homecare team. They drive around the small island providing personal care to its citizens, and currently, the team shares three EVs powered by Nuvve to perform their important work.

Our solution provides grid and building services, cost savings, and more that benefit fleet owners and businesses, while the intelligent charging capabilities benefit the people using the vehicles day in and day out – fleet managers and drivers. The good news is that these everyday users of the technology find it easy to use or don’t realize they’re using it at all because it doesn’t disrupt their daily work.

We’ve heard this from other fleet managers and drivers we’ve talked to, but also wanted to hear from Steen Frandsen from Bornholm’s homecare team to get his impressions of using EVs powered by Nuvve’s V2G technology.

Steen Frandsen

What was your experience switching to an EV for your daily driving duties?

In the beginning, you need an introduction to the car and the charging process. But then, it’s not difficult at all. I find the electric car to be really comfortable. Actually, it’s a surprise to me how comfortable it is! Plus, the car makes no noise and accelerates so quickly. I also really like driving with automatic gears.

Do your colleagues share your enthusiasm for EVs?

Yes, they are very popular. Our team has six cars, three of which are electric. There are still some colleagues who prefer driving a petrol fueled car, but it’s because they have an impression that the electric car is too advanced for them. But as soon as you try the electric car, you don’t want to switch back. I believe that you actually feel happier when you drive an electric car, and we often try to “steal” the electric cars before other workers can so we can use them for the day.

What does your daily routine look like with the new EVs?

After a typical morning visit, the battery in the car still has more than 80% power. So it has become part of my daily routine to give the car a quick “boost” at the charger while I drink my coffee, though I believe the car could easily make it through my entire workday without the extra charging.

Did you know that the electric cars use V2G?

No, but it makes me happy to hear that I contribute to the environment in that way. In my daily work, it is really important that I can easily reach the people who need my help, and using the electric car for that purpose has not caused any worries at all.

Facts: The homecare team in The Regional Municipality in Roenne has three electric cars running on Nuvve’s V2G technology. The cars are being charged every time an employee has a small break. The cars run around 200 km on one full charge in the summertime and in the wintertime it is 30 percent less, due to the heating of the car and the seat. Nuvve uses the extra power from the batteries in the cars when the cars are in the garage (typically at night) to support the balance of electricity on the island.

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