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A Beginner’s Guide to Grants

How Nuvve Helps Our Customers Receive Public Funding

Many of our customers are eligible for grants but applying for them can seem like an intimidating process. That’s why Nuvve offers a turnkey Grant and Fundraising solution to our customers and partners. With expert guidance by our super-charged Nuvve Grant and Fundraising team, we help you every step of the way through the pre-application, application, and post-application phases. And now, with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal signed, Nuvve can help ensure you have the most efficient strategy to optimize funding opportunities at the federal, state, and community levels.

With Nuvve’s Grant and Fundraising team, you can spend less on fundraising and more time focused on your fleet!

What are grants?

A grant is a fund given by an entity – often a public body, charitable foundation, or a specialized grant-making institution – to an individual or another entity for a specific purpose linked to public benefit. Unlike loans, grants are not to be paid back.

Who is eligible?

Many schools and municipalities are eligible for various grants specifically related to electrifying their fleets! Funding outlets include federal grants, state grants, foundation grants and corporate giving initiatives. All of these forms of funding and can be used by your school district to electrify your fleet!

How Nuvve’s Grant Program Works

Nuvve’s Grant and Fundraising team specializes in one thing: helping reduce the cost of electrification for our customers through public grant funding.

Here’s what you can expect through the grant cycle and fundraising process:

Step 1: Custom Needs Analysis

We look at your organization’s readiness to secure grant funding including leadership, capacity, organizational structure, finances, and potential partnerships.

Step 2: Extensive Grants Search

Our team searches for eligible, open grants that you may qualify for.

Step 3: Turnkey Writing Solutions

Our team works with you to write, assist, and collaborate with your team to apply for identified grants.

Step 4: Tracking and Communication

Our team tracks the grant once applied for and communicates with the grant offices as needed, and keeps you informed at every step.

Step 5: Marketing and Promotion

Once received, Nuvve can collaborate with your communications team to promote the grant and electric bus charging solution via social media and a press release.*

Step 6: Backend Consulting

Our team consults with your team for any backend questions after a grant is received.

*Note: Nuvve does not guarantee that any applied-for grants will be awarded, but we provide our expert guidance to ensure you have the best chance possible.

Get Started

Contact our Grants and Fundraising team to get started today!

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