V1G + V2G Charging Stations

A Complete Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Solution

We offer AC and DC charging station options which are preconfigured to work with NUVVE’s Grid Integrated Platform (GIVe™).

  • Our high-capacity electric vehicle (EV) chargers can intelligently charge and discharge your EV battery through our GIVe™ platform.
  • Our technology is compatible with several charger manufacturers both in DC (such as CHAdeMO or CCS) and AC mode (J1772, J3068), and in single or three-phase configurations.
  • Nuvve works closely with charger manufacturers and auto makers to develop solutions that meet your needs and maintain your battery’s health.

nuvve car charging
nuvve car charging

Nuvve’s GIVe™ Platform Controls Your Charger in Two Ways

  • Unidirectional mode – V1G – where the charge rate is intelligently controlled.
  • Bidirectional mode – V2G – where the battery can both charge and discharge and rates are controlled.

AC Charging Station Options

Nuvve Single-Phase AC Charger

The Nuvve Powerport Neo is a Level 2 AC charging station that delivers up to 19.2kW of power in a compact size package (wall mount or with pedestal). Perfect for school buses and other heavy-duty vehicles, it’s one of the few 80 amp products on the market certified to UL safety standards and is the first-ever NRTL-certified station that has been used in AC-V2G configurations. The Nuvve PowerPort Neo is ENERGY STAR certified.

This product can be used for V2G charging with vehicles that have a bidirectional, on-board charger.

AC J1772 Single Phase Connector

ac j1772

Nuvve Three-Phase AC Charger

The Nuvve PowerPort3 Ultra Neo is a high-powered, three-phase AC electric vehicle charging station available for heavy-duty trucks. It provides fast, reliable, and intelligent charging. The PowerPort3 Ultra Neo is fully controllable through Nuvve’s software platform for unidirectional application or full bidirectional Grid Integrated Vehicle (GIVeTM) application, including vehicle-to-grid (V2G) for vehicles that are modified to have onboard, bidirectional inverters and adequate grid protections.

AC J3068 Three Phase Connector

ac 3 phase

DC Charging Station Options

CCS Connector

Nuvve 60kW or 125kW V2G Bidirectional DC Charger

The Nuvve DC Heavy-Duty Charging Station (RES-HD60-V2G) and Nuvve DC Rapid HD Charging Station (RES-HD125-V2G) are designed specifically for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications and is the ideal solution for the rapid, smart charging of heavy-duty fleet vehicles such as electric school buses. Our charging stations are fully controllable through Nuvve’s fleet management app and our V2G platform (GIVe™) enables unidirectional charging of any vehicle or full, bidirectional V2G and vehicle-to-building (V2B) services when connected to a V2G-compatible vehicle.

DC CCS1 Connector

dc ccs1 plug

DC Charging Station Options


North America

Next generation products with UL1741-SA certification coming soon.

Products will support the light-duty segment.

CHAdeMO is compatible with Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in North America.


chademo plug


CHAdeMO is compatible with: Nissan e-VN200, Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and IMIEV in Europe.

Most models in Japan also use CHAdeMO.


chademo plug

Wallbox Quasar DC Charger

Through our partnership with Wallbox, we’re bringing residential EV owners in Spain the first bidirectional charger for home use. With the Wallbox Quasar DC charger combined with Nuvve’s intelligent energy management, EV owners can contribute to a cleaner planet.

V2G-Compatible Vehicles

V2G compatibility differs by region. Check to see if your vehicle is compatible with Nuvve’s V2G charging station options today:

United States: Fleet Solutions
– Electric School Buses
– Custom Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles

United States: Residential Solutions
– Nissan LEAF Model Year 2013 and newer – Coming Soon
– Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – Coming Soon

Europe: Fleet + Residential Solutions
– Nissan LEAF Model Year 2013 and newer
– Nissan e-VN200
– Mitsubishi iMieV
– Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Be sure to check back as new V2G-compatible vehicles are released.

Fleet Solutions

Manage all your electric vehicle fleet charging needs with a fully integrated solution from Nuvve.

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Cooperative Purchasing with Sourcewell

Government, education, municipalities and nonprofit agencies looking to electrify their fleets now have an easy and immediate access to Nuvve’s charging solutions through the Sourcewell contract. Learn more about how Sourcewell helps to make the buying process seamless and more affordable.

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