Vehicle-To-Grid Technology

V2G Concept

Renewable energy sources need storage. Electric vehicles (EVs) have a built-in energy storage system. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology bridges the gap between these two sectors, and also helps regulate energy on the grid.

Nuvve V2G Concept

How V2G Works

Nuvve V2G How It Works illustration

Nuvve’s V2G GIVeTM (Grid Integrated Vehicle) Platform

High-Powered, Bidirectional Charging Stations

Our high-capacity, bidirectional AC and DC chargers allow for charging and discharging of the EV battery according to the instructions that the Vehicle Smart Link (VSL) receives from the aggregation platform, all within safe battery warranty limits.

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Nuvve Energy Regulation Aggregator (NERA)

Owned and operated by Nuvve, our cloud-connected application ensures that every vehicle on the platform has enough charge for the next trip before calculating how much capacity is available to sell back to the grid.

nuvve cloud

Vehicle Smart Link (VSL)

Our VSL software and device enables an EV to receive instructions from the Nuvve Aggregation Server in order to control and regulate the battery charging and discharging, and helps predict travel time and distance to ensure proper charge levels.

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Nuvve Battery Health Paper

Learn about the various factors that affect electric vehicle battery health and the ways V2G can help mitigate degradation risks.

Battery Health

V2G Use Cases


Participate in the energy market while making sure that your fleet EVs are charged for the day’s work.


Lower the total cost of EV ownership, get powerful, reliable charging at home, and positively impact the environment.


Vehicle-to-building (VBI) services with opportunities for car sharing.


The most optimized way to integrate EV infrastructure in metropolitan cities to reach zero carbon future goals.

Proven Results

Nuvve’s patented V2G technology is changing the way the world thinks about renewable energy and electric charging. Read about Nuvve’s V2G demonstrations taking place around the globe.

Vehicle 2 Grid Tech Proven Results
Nuvve’s Commercial Offerings

Nuvve’s Commercial Offerings

Learn more about our solutions we have for fleets and electric school buses.