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Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology is gaining momentum as a viable and necessary solution to the electric grid challenges posed by the integration of renewable energy sources, adoption of electric vehicles (EV), and desire by municipalities to reduce CO2 emissions to slow the damaging effects of climate change. The Parker Project aimed to validate the commercial viability of electric vehicle fleets supporting renewable energy integration and power grid stabilization using real-life applications. The project recently concluded with a Vehicle-Grid Integration Summit at DTU Risø in Denmark.

The results were conclusive and positive, helping to define the technical parameters required to enable electric vehicles to provide grid services through V2G charging solutions.

Parker Project leader and Senior Researcher at DTU Elektro, Peter Bach Andersen commented, “We have been able to show that V2G technology works in a number of commercial electric cars. We have shown that the technology can be commercialized, and has been commercialized in Denmark. And finally, that we are moving towards a universal support of V2G among all car brands and across different geographies.”

Additionally, the project was able to show the business potential of V2G technology, having used an operational municipal fleet at Frederiksberg Forsyning.

According to Nuvve Chief Strategy Officer, Bjørn Christensen, the 10 Nissan e-NV-2001 EVs performed 100 hours of V2G per vehicle, returning 130,000 KWh to the grid in the last two years, which is equivalent to the consumption of 21 households per year. At the same time, 130,000 kg of CO2 emissions were saved, and each car generated 1,860 € per year by participating in energy markets, selling unused electricity back to the grid.

There is still much work to be done to educate governments, businesses, and consumers about the positive impact of V2G technology as something that will benefit the entire energy ecosystem, and OEMs must take on the challenge to manufacture EVs that are V2G capable. Still, it’s clear that V2G will play an ever-increasing role in our collective efforts to make the planet greener.

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