Project Overview


E-Flex exists to demonstrate the commercial potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) in energy markets, and establish it as an essential component of the zero-carbon economy. It seeks to change the way we think about the relationship between vehicles and energy.

The project will use real-world testing and deployments to deliver concrete proof of the value of V2G in energy markets.

Led by Cisco, the project will demonstrate the role V2G can play in supporting the transition of energy demands from cities and energy services towards a zero-carbon future, and prove that EVs can generate revenue without negatively impacting user experience.

Nuvve will demonstrate our V2G technology, test new fleet types and customer use cases in a metropolis, influence emerging regulatory and policy frameworks, and contribute to overall market design.


Start: September 2018


London, United Kingdom


Cisco (Lead)
Greater London Authority
Transport for London
E-Car Club LTD
Imperial College London


– 200 bidirectional charging stations in greater London area
– Examine the system value of V2G in a high-density city
– Understand whole-system benefits of V2G
– Identify business models that provide end-to-end value for all participants – a realizable market with multiple demand/supply participants.


– Provide and operate V2G platform for project including bidirectional charging stations and charging infrastructure
– Aggregator development to enable market participation and dynamic price signals

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