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How Nuvve’s Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technology and Electric School Buses Can Help Curb Power Blackouts

V2G Technology Leader Is Perfectly Positioned To Give Electric Buses New Life Even During Distance Learning

San Diego, CA » August 25, 2020

Nuvve Corporation, a San Diego-based, green energy technology company and the global leader in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, is providing complete solutions for school districts and utilities to deploy electric school buses that can provide significant benefits to the electric grid and help curb the need for utility providers to force rolling blackouts on their customers.

During normal years, let alone in the midst of a pandemic when people are staying at home for more hours per day, electricity shortages become a real issue in hot temperature months. When people are home, they turn on their air conditioning, do the laundry, wash the dishes, and more which creates a large peak of demand in the evening which is when renewable energy source power production is low.

This is where Nuvve’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology really shines. V2G enables electric vehicle (EV) batteries to store and discharge energy to the grid, providing the perfect storage solution for these renewable energy sources. Nuvve’s solution also enables EV batteries to provide grid services such as frequency regulation and demand response and facilitates smart charging so EVs can charge during non-peak times and then discharge stored energy when demand on the grid is high. In short, V2G increases grid resilience and supports renewable energy sources.

Electric school buses offer a prime storage solution to enable V2G grid services because they have large batteries that stay parked and connected to charging stations most hours of the day. They also have the potential to act as a virtual power plant (VPP) by aggregating vehicle batteries across a region to provide energy when needed. Electric school buses, then, could be deployed before power outages occur in areas that are experiencing high demand with low power availability. In the future, electric buses could even provide emergency power back-up for areas that have already lost power. While many schools around the country are closed for in-person learning during the pandemic, electric buses could still be of service in this unique way.

Nuvve has several commercial V2G charging solutions available including the new RES-HD60-V2G – a V2G 60 kilowatt (kW), high-power DC charging station for electric school buses, and other medium to heavy-duty fleet vehicles. The new charging station combines the DC Power Converter System (PCS) hardware from Rhombus Energy Solutions and Nuvve’s V2G GIVe™ platform which is what enables the bidirectional control of energy between EV batteries and the electric grid. Rhombus recently announced the certification of this charging station by Underwriter Laboratories UL 1741 and 1741-SA standards.

The new RES-HD60-V2G plays a critical role in the commercialization and deployment of V2G services to electric school buses because the recent UL certification satisfies the latest requirements for interconnection in California. California is an important market for V2G, both because of its large amount of renewables and high adoption rate of electric vehicles, including school buses.

“Electric school buses offer a unique solution to the power problems we are seeing right now with the electric grid being stretched to the limit. For places like California that are prone to late summer and early fall heat waves, charging with V2G can turn the buses into mobile power storage units and help utilities and their customers,” says Gregory Poilasne, CEO and Chairman of Nuvve Corporation. “In addition to our new 60kW DC charging solution, the GIVeTM platform is purpose-built to be open for any OEM as well as protocol agnostic, meaning its role in helping slow down climate change could be limitless if industries and regulators get on board.”

Nuvve has a full range of solutions that includes standard offers such as charging stations alone, or added options that include service, maintenance, energy management, and fleet management tools, all offered as a financed bundle to customers. Since Nuvve’s V2G platform can operate with multiple vehicle and charging station OEMs, school districts and utilities can get everything they need to deploy a fully-functional electric fleet by contacting Nuvve.

The combination of V2G and electric school buses could help increase the adoption rate of electric buses and lower the reliance on traditional power plants, both which would reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. So, in addition to helping reduce CO2 emissions and creating a cleaner environment for kids to get to school, this important electric fleet has the potential to create a cleaner planet.


About Nuvve Corporation
Nuvve Corporation is a San Diego-based green energy technology company whose mission is to lower the cost of electric vehicle ownership while supporting the integration of renewable energy sources. Our proprietary vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology – Nuvve’s Grid Integrated Vehicle (GIVe™) platform – is refueling the next generation of electric vehicle fleets through cutting-edge, bi-directional charging solutions. Since our founding in 2010, Nuvve has been responsible for successful V2G projects on five continents and is deploying commercial services worldwide. For more information please visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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