produce and manage bi-directional energy flow

 NUVVE GIVe software technology is refueling the next generation of electric vehicle commercial fleets while supporting renewable energy integration.


NUVVE Technology

NUVVE is the only electric vehicle battery technology that enables ANY electric vehicle battery to  GENERATE, STORE  and RESELL unused energy back to the local electric grid. This Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology has been developed since 1996  by Dr. Willett Kempton at the University of Delaware and is now being deployed for commercial use. 


Come help us commercialize and expand the adoption of our technology around the world.



  • “Batteries have a calendar life and an operational (cycle) life,” said Sivertsen. “V2G will manage the power flow to get the best throughput – using the battery in a way that minimizes wear out and maximizes the economic benefit.”
  • With Nissan electric vehicles, dual energy flow enabled by Enel V2G charges and managed by Nuvve’s aggregation platform, Frederiksberg Forsyning will become an active participant in Denmark’s energy management system, helping to stabilize and balance demand on the grid.
    March 16, 2017




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