A better world where the energy used for transportation and the electric energy are directly connected through our Grid Integrated Platform to support both high level of renewable energy and larger numbers of electric vehicles.

What is V2G? How it works?

NUVVE’s proprietary “Vehicle to Grid” or “V2G” Aggregation solution transforms electric vehicles from simple loads on the electric grid into dispatchable energy storage resources by enabling the vehicle to send excess energy stored in its battery back to the grid upon request.

Nuvve Smart Grid V2G brings value to many players


* Lowers the cost of EV ownership
* Accelerates deployment of EVs
* Access to high value information

Car Owner

Corporate Fleet/Consumer
* Household energy efficiency
* Emergency backup
* Mobile power (Camping)
* Corporate cash through participation in V2G


* Lower cost of A/S(Ancillary Serices)
* Regulation
* Reserve capacity
* T&D upgrade deferral
* Peak shaving (corporations)


* More renewables
* Less emission
* More jobs
* Healthier climate